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Since when is it okay to pay more for less?

It is estimated that more than 8 million adults have a debt problem in the UK with younger adults, large families and single parents making up the majority of this.

Recent press has highlighted how high-cost predatory lenders, such as rent-to-own stores, are asking the low-income consumer to pay more for less. Does it sound fair that a person can walk into John Lewis and purchase a Hotpoint fridge for £168 (including a 2 year warranty) and then if that same person was to use a rent-to-own provider, advertising low weekly payments that makes things affordable would end up paying £786 for the same product? Of course it doesn’t.

The fact is it’s getting harder and harder to support our families, and it’s not easy to get credit. Let alone affordable credit. High-cost lenders are making millions by taking advantage of the rise of financial struggle within households.

More than 400,000 low income or benefit reliant households are using pay weekly credit. At least 50% of these customers will have difficulty in repaying and more than 10% have their goods repossessed.

Thankfully there is now another option. Fair For You is a new alternative to these high cost weekly payment stores. You can shop on their virtual high street for top household brands and get fair-priced, low cost loans.

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They work with a number of trusted partners to make sure their customers can buy direct from the manufacturer with a loan that offers affordable, flexible and transparent terms. Fair For You is a not-for-profit organization that is backed by the Fair For You charity, meaning all their profits are re-invested to continue to give the best products and affordable prices.

John is a new Fair For You customer, having previously used other weekly payment store to get a cooker and a tumble dryer. He explained:

“The cooker was on its way out, and I was aware that I had been charged a lot of money for the tumble dryer: paying well in excess of £900 for an item that should probably have only cost about £200.  I have never missed a payment with [another weekly payment store], but found it heart-breaking to have paid out so much in interest!”

“The cooker needed replacing urgently and if Fair for You hadn’t been available I would have had no choice but to pay over the odds again with [another weekly payment store], who can only be described as greedy. Thanks to Fair For You I’ve been able to replace the cooker with a loan that is affordable and has no additional fees.”

You can read more Fair For You customer stories on the website www.fairforyou.co.uk
Applying for a loan with Fair For You is easy and they make quick decisions on approval. Once approved your goods will be delivered free to you within 72 hours.

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