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Moneysupermarket.com have released figures showing more people claimed on their home contents insurance for burglary in Ilford, East London than anywhere else in the country over the past five years. Least likely to claim were householders in Northern Ireland.

While there is no need to panic, burglary figures have slumped over that time, many people see taking out insurance as an unnecessary gamble as it seems unlikely disaster will actually strike. But given the increase in flooding and the ongoing risk of fire and theft, it is worth further thought.

Even if you rent your home from the council or housing association, you may be surprised to learn they have no duty to replace damaged belongings if a pipe bursts or a dragged fridge rips up the kitchen lino.

For just the cost of a weekly Lotto ticket – or less, one insurer advertises prices from £60 a year – your prized possessions could be covered against theft, fire or flood, or even accidental damage. It can cover high value items in the home and ones taken outside, like a laptop or even a valuable wedding ring.

It may seem like a gamble but the odds on winning the lottery are higher than needing to make a claim.

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