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Got a Top Tip? Let Us Know!

In every issue of Quids in! we feature our favourite money saving Top Tip, sent in by readers of the magazine. Here’s the latest one from readers M Dolan in Glasgow:

I hate waste. I found a full and unused carton of eggs in the fridge. They said ‘best before’ the month earlier but I popped them in a jug of cold water and as they didn’t float to the top, I knew they were fine. Omelette was great.

Our reader got £50 for this great piece of advice and you can too. Post your Top Tip below, on our Facebook page, tweet us, email us or write to us at:

Quids in!, 3 Monmouth Place, Bath BA1 2AT

We’ll publish the best in our Autumn 2017 issue, out in September.

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