Quids in 36 cover

Quids in! 36 Out Now!

The latest issue of Quids in! is now out and on it’s way to your letterbox!

In this edition we look at the new research on teaching good money habits to kids from a young age. We’ve put together an addition special article on this topic which Readers Club members can download for free here. If you are not yet a member you can sign up for free here.

We also launch our research project in partnership with the Open University. You can take part in the research by taking our quiz here, include your details and you’ll be entered into a draw to win £500!

We also cover the news to help kids in lower income families with meals during the summer holidays and the study that shows that payday loan repayment caps are working.

Look out for your free QI36 coming to your home soon, if your landlord doesn’t send you Quids in! magazine you can get a copy in the Quids In Store, all you need to pay is 60p p&p.

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