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Get help with new term costs with school uniform grant

A grant for a new school uniform could make the start of term less expensive

A school uniform grant could help keep costs down when the new term starts after summer.

All schools have to follow rules on keeping the cost of uniforms down. But if we have to buy everything at once it can quickly add up.

If our kids qualify for free school meals because of our income, we may also qualify for a school uniform grant from our council.

Not all councils in England offer them, but those that do vary a lot in value. Some pay £25 while others can offer up to £150 to help with the cost. We should contact our council to find out what’s available.

In Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland all councils offer them, but again they vary in value.

If our kids don’t get free school meals but we’re struggling with the cost of living we should check if there are any benefits we’re missing out on.

A benefits calculator like this one on the Quids in! website is free and easy to use. We might find that when we start claiming one benefit, it opens up other payments to us as well.

Second-hand uniforms are often available for free from schools (we can check the school website for details). Uniforms are also often advertised on local Facebook pages.

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