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The future’s Bright?

Quids in! Money Guidance wins government support to encourage low-income households to plan for older age.

Quids in! is seeking middle-aged volunteers to test a new web-based app to help them plan for better a retirement.

Government funding has been invested in a new quiz-style tool to provide information enabling readers to remain independent for longer.

“Our starting point was that people on the lowest incomes have up to ten years shorter life expectancy,” explained Quids in! editor, Jeff Mitchell. “Our health is not only linked to our wealth because of the things we can buy. It is also about information – the things wealthier people seem to know already.

“But it’s also about attitude and being prepared. Many don’t see the point in getting fitter. But will we regret it when we’re no longer mobile when our bodies slow down? We hate talking about death but if our partner takes care of our finances, what are we going to do if they die first?”

The new quiz app takes us gently through the questions we might want to consider. It generates an action plan, making the issues easy to understand. The aim is to prevent shocks later on.

More than half of the quiz is dedicated to financial questions. Knowing what pension we might expect, for example, may change the way we think about saving for the future. There are practical tips about ways to check our predicted income and reduce spending in order to set more aside.

Quids in! has been working with local teams at Age UK. “We wanted to know the questions retired people might wish they’d considered years earlier,” Jeff added. “We heard how people don’t imagine their health going downhill. Having people around to pop to the shops when we’re ill only becomes important when we need them. A good social life is not just about helping us out, it can also give us purpose and a positive attitude.”

“I have personally found it fascinating to explore the subject.”

The quiz is currently being finalised for a ‘live test’.

Register your interest in participating by filling out the form below.

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