3 Bs – A Rule of Thumb

We know that it’s easier to do the right thing when they’re simple to remember. Think your fruit and veg ‘5-a-day’ or (for older readers) ‘clunk click before every trip. The 3 Bs are the first we’ve come up with for keeping on top of our finances.

There’s three things that make for building a good foundation to support sound money management:
– Being sure we have more coming in than going out, and what to do if that isn’t the case
– Knowing where to keep our money safe and doing it’s job paying bills and protecting us for the future- Understanding where advice, support and the best deals and savings can be found
In short, we just need to remember the 3 Bs: Budgeting, Banking and Being online.

Under each of these heading are a number of habits we can adopt to minimise the risk of financial disasters going forward. The 3 Bs are prompts for tricks like always knowing our bank balance, trying to put away savings, using direct debits, finding ways to spend less, ‘switching’ and finding deals and bargains, checking benefits, and getting familiar with the online tools so we’re ready for when services, benefits and information services go digital. All of these steps, and others, will lead to us all being more money savvy.

We cover they same themes in our quarterly magazine and our monthly money emails, which you can subscribe to here. Our first training programme on the 3 Bs for people on lower incomes is taking place in Bath from April 2018, delivered in partnership with Clean Slate Training & Employment.