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Benefit claimants could save on broadband with social tariffs

The government is urging providers to promote social tariffs as we struggle with the cost of living

If we’re on Universal Credit, or other benefits, we could be saving about £100 a year on our broadband and mobile bills with social tariffs.

A social tariff is a little-known tariff for those of us on low incomes. The government has recently been encouraging broadband providers to make them easier to access.

Providers will get our consent and then will check we’re eligible with the DWP. DWP will keep our data safe and will only confirm if we qualify or not.

Which providers offer social tariffs?

It’s not a social tariff as such, but TalkTalk is offering jobseekers on Universal Credit six months of free broadband. There’s no contract and we don’t need to go through a credit check. If we think we might qualify, we can get more details from Jobcentre Plus.

BT, Sky, Now and Virgin Media also offer social tariffs. Prices start from £15 a month plus an upfront fee.

There are other broadband deals available from providers in certain parts of the country – see here for all the options.

Get connected, stay connected

And Vodafone is offering unlimited data, calls and text for £10 a month as part of its VOXI scheme. It’s for those of us on Universal Credit, Jobseeker’s Allowance, ESA, Disability Allowance or PIP.

There are also ways to save on data – the National Databank even gives out free data to those of us who qualify.

As the cost-of-living crisis continues, it’s more important than ever that we’re making the most of our cash. Being online can help us find the cheapest prices and the best deals, as well as helping us find work and stay connected with friends and family.

But the government says just over one in 100 of us who are entitled to cheaper social tariffs are using them. That’s why they’ve told providers to make them easier for us to find.

If the thought of getting online scares us, there’s help out there. For a free guide to the basics, we can visit Learn My Way. It’ll give us support with how to use devices and walk us through the things we need to know to learn about the internet – and start saving!

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