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How to Spend Wisely This Christmas

This Christmas is going to feel very different for many of us. So, how can we keep the reins on our festive finances and still have a good time?

Whether we feel like celebrating or not, It’s important we make time to see family and friends (whether that’s virtually or at a safe distance), and keep our spending in check.

On average (pre Covid-19), Christmas costs us a reported £719 per year, taking presents, food, drink and get-togethers into account. While get-togethers may be off the cards, some of us might be tempted to make up for what has been a particularly tough year. By blowing the budget on flashy gifts and luxury dinners, we run the risk of stepping into a New Year that’s laden with debt. Spending a bit of quality time with loved ones has never been more important.

Take a look at the Quids in! 12 Saves of Christmas and help make the holiday more than about money:

The Borrowers
With a bit of planning and the will to say ‘No’ sometimes, we can avoid putting all our shopping on a credit card or taking out a short-term loan

Supermarket Savvy
Most supermarkets now have customer scanners which can be a great way to tot up our spending as we go and make sure we don’t overspend

Points Mean Prizes
Christmas is the perfect time to cash in on any loyalty schemes, like points on a supermarket card or discounts through a credit or debit card

Online Sales
A lot of us will be doing our shopping online this year. Be wary of sales – only buy it if you wanted it anyway, without the discount

The Budgeters
It’s easy for Christmas spending to spin out of control. If we set ourselves a budget before we’ve spent a penny, we’re much more likely to stay within our means

Secret Santas
Buying a gift for every family member can break the bank. Doing a Secret Santa means everybody gets one gift for one person. Don’t forget to set a spending cap (of say £5-10)

Nifty Gift-Getters
Giving gifts we’ve made ourselves is a lovely touch. Making our own cards or giving out jars of homemade jam can save us a small fortune

Cashing In
One way of making a bit more cash for Christmas is to sell old, unwanted presents. Or re-gifting presents to someone else… just not back to the same person

DIY Decorators
Just like homemade gifts, homemade decorations add a unique touch to Christmas. Try making paper chains from last year’s wrapping paper or stockings from bits of fabric

Feast for days
Almost all of us buy too much food during the festive period. Make the most of any leftovers and freeze dinners that could come in handy later on

Beat the system
The price of crackers and Christmas puds goes down to next to nothing after Christmas Day. It might be worth spending a couple of quid now to save £££ next year

Digital Does It
Since lockdown it’s even more important to stay in touch with loved ones. Emails or Facebook messages can be just as effective as a card in the post – and they’re free!

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