Quids In!’s Top 5 Reasons YouTube Could Change Your Life

Getting Universal Credit means we have to be online, but luckily there are hundreds of great reasons apart from Universal Credit to enjoy the internet




1 Make no mistake, cats plan to take over the world. First, they will convince us they are as daft as they are lovable. More than 40 million viewers will one day regret laughing their socks off at these feline antics on YouTube.




2 Literally, just ask it. Type in ‘how to’… sew on a button, change nappies, survive a shark attack. Some smart alec has a video on it – just avoid the crackpots. We typed in “Universal Credit”; ‘People Like Me’ is a goodie for starters.




3 There are thousands of films to watch for free or keep the kids entertained with cartoons or pop on the latest music videos. Quids in! has a playlist channel to keep your foot tapping. Saves subscribing to Sky or buying the latest Now CD!




4 Samuel Pepys would have been a video blogger, or vlogger, if he was alive today. Proving the world is a smaller place now we have the internet, we found this American review of British internet stars reporting on the world as they see it.




5 For superfans of TV programmes, get all the best bits in one place. Try finding any dynamite scene from any soap or check out the This Morning channel for everything from showbiz goss to Gino’s top recipes, from celeb interviews to real-life stories.

GREAT ONLINE RESOURCES Five More Amazing Websites That Will Change Your Life
Not only great free news and sport, but also an incredible archive of recipes and features on almost everything you could ever want to know more about. Plus BBC iPlayer, of course.
The online encyclopedia that’s created by its readers, wikipedia is an amazing source of information on everything from your favourite television shows to the solar system.
Lots of help, support and information for anyone who’s living on a low income. With top tips resources and tricks on how to make your money go further, plus a great budget recipes section.
Campaigning money guru Martin Lewis’s website is stuffed full of top financial advice, from claiming compensation to opening a basic bank account Martin has tips for everything financial.
A free online calculator that helps you find any benefits you are, well, entitled to. Just tap in your details and let it do its wizarding work for you.

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