Health-wise, Coronavirus is hitting older, more vulnerable people hardest. But its impact will be felt far wider if people are not able to work, shop or access services as freely as they might need.

People on lower incomes might struggle most. Workers on low pay, or insecure or zero hours contracts, may not be paid if they are sick or self-isolate. Jobseekers may need to prove they were unable to travel or access the locations where they usually look for work. Shoppers on limited budgets might not be able to stock up on essentials if panic buying has cleared the shelves.

This is a fast-changing picture and these are uncharted waters. The staff at our Quids In Centres, and writers for Quids in! magazine, have set up this list of Frequently Asked Questions. If you have a financial question related to Coronavirus that’s not already in the FAQs, ask us, using the form on this page. We’ll try to get back to you within 2-3 days. We’ll also publish whatever guidance we can offer here, so other people can benefit.

If you live in East London, Bristol, Bath or South Glos, or in Gloucestershire, you can contact your local Quids In Centre direct. Details are here.