Food on the table

Food fast became the key issue during the crisis. Panic-buying, mile-long queues and empty shelves proved that. Looking back, it was a bit of a nightmare.

Community Hubs were set up in every area of the UK with teams on standby to help people unable to shop for themselves. The hubs still exist and should be able to offer support to people who are struggling. Visit your local council’s website to find details of how to get in touch.

The lessons we learnt during lockdown still apply. Buying in bulk is the best idea. It’s a good way to keep costs down too. Stick to some basics and don’t get tempted by offers for things we don’t need. This article could help.

Buying in bulk is only an option if we have somewhere to store everything safely. A fridge and a freezer, and an oven make everything easier (and cheaper). But not everyone has what they need. Grants are available, though, and the best place might be to start is Turn2us who can often help. This article has more details. In Wales, the Discretionary Assistance Fund can help with buying appliances. Scottish residents can apply for a community care grant via the Scottish Welfare Fund.

Finally, recipes for cheap eats can be found everywhere. Our special edition Food Guide is jam-packed with ideas. Our favourite expert is Lorna Cooper, who set up Feed Your Family For Around £20. She recently featured in Quids in! (read it here) and you can find her fantastic website here.