How to decorate a picture frame

What you need:
✔ A small wooden picture frame
✔ A small piece of medium grit
sandpaper (120 grit)
✔ A damp duster
✔ A small flat-bristled brush
✔ A small pot of water
✔ Free taster pots of white and
coloured emulsion paint
✔ Your choice of decorations. This can
be glitter, sequins or small stickers,
PVA glue or clear varnish.

  1. Pull back the support clips at the back of the frame and take out the backing and glass cover.
  2. Take your sandpaper and rub along the grain of the entire frame to remove any surface imperfections.
  3. Wipe off any sawdust with your damp cloth or duster.
  4. Dampen your flat-bristled brush and use it to apply a thin coat of basic white emulsion from your taster pot.
  5. When this is dry apply two thin coats of your chosen colour, allowing the frame to dry thoroughly after each coat.
  6. You can now apply your choice of decoration using PVA glue.
  7. Once the glue is completely dry you can add a thin coat of varnish to finish off and protect your design. Allow it to dry thoroughly.
  8. Replace the glass, insert your chosen image fasten the clips and replace the backing.

Quids in! says
★ Protect your surfaces and clothing by wearing an apron and spreading newspaper on your work area.
★ Keep your brush and water pot clean to avoid any messy mixing of paints.
★ For a smoother finish, you can use sandpaper in between coats of varnish!