I have got lots of food, but it’s all tins and dried goods. I am running out of ideas. I am going mad with pasta and tomatoes, and the kids are now refusing to eat it.

Have a browse on the internet. You might start with investing in different spices so a tomato sauce one night is Mexican, the next it’s Italian and the next its Indian. There are plenty of ideas out there, if you can get the kids involved working out what they could make from the tins and dried food.

There is a great recipe for chocolate brownies made with a tin of black beans and another made of sweet potato. It is an ideal time to teach the kids some cookery skills whilst they are off school and they may pick up some ideas on nutrition. Kids are resilient and often willing to see things from different perspectives if you can also make it fun and even better if you can make it tasty.

Try one of the apps that help you to cook with what you have, (see brit.co/recipe-apps-for-ingredients-you-already-have). Try supercook.com too where you check off the ingredients you already have and they’ll start you off with a lot of recipes. It then suggests more specific ingredients to give you more options. The suggestions are great because you probably have more ingredients than you thought and there are some great meals in your pantry just waiting to get out.