I have returned to work part time due to childcare issues which my employer has been great with, but I have drained my savings and need a second income. Where can I look for jobs that involve working from home in my own time?

More employers are set up for home-working than ever before because they’ve had to respond to lockdown and keep staff working. So this should be a great time to start looking for this kind of arrangement. We can search for these kind of jobs on recruitment sites like Indeed. See our guide to finding a job online.

It’s hard to be more specific without knowing what kind of work you are looking for and, if you’re not sure, see our advice to jobseekers here. We always ask what do you like doing and what are you good at and, as a parent, you have loads of skills and qualities that map across to the right kind of work.

If you enjoy caring for others, try researching or contacting local or national support agencies who might need remote workers to befriend or provide support to customers by phone. There could be customer service jobs like this too, depending on the hours you’re available.

Don’t forget to have a browse of our Boost Your Income section of this website. This might provide some inspiration about less obvious ways to make a bit extra. It is also worth checking what you are entitled to in terms of childcare support. Sometimes its surprising what financial support is out there to help bridge the gap. A good website to check is childcarechoices.gov.uk which will take you through your situation and what you might be entitled to.