I just feel so flipping anxious. About everything. Any money setbacks would be the last straw. Is there anywhere I can turn?

Yes, the virus is not the only health worry here. In many ways, isolation is going to really hurt people’s mental health because human contact is essential for wellbeing.

When it comes to money, Quids in! readers tell us our greatest service is showing them they’re not alone. We’re going to have find more ways to beat anxiety.

Keep in contact with friends and family by any and all means, from phone and Skype to Facebook. The website good-thinking.uk points us in the direction of things to try to reduce anxiety, sleeplessness, stress or feeling low.

Look up relaxation techniques on YouTube. Or contact giveusashout.org for text support right away.

Things may seem tough right now but everything changes. Samaritans are also on hand day and night, call 116 123, or email jo@samaritans.org (response time 24 hours).