I’m not getting paid, I literally don’t think I can keep food on the table. What do I do now?

Depending on why your work has dried up, there could be different options. Firstly, look through the Frequently Asked Questions here to see if one describes the reason you aren’t getting paid. But if you’re in food crisis now, it’s time to find out help is available locally. Just until you get your finances sorted out.

Local churches, community centres and places like foodbanks are good places to see what help is available in your neighbourhood. Online networks like Nextdoor.co.uk also put neighbours in touch – someone might be looking for help, say, mowing a lawn and might pay a little for it too. Everyone knows we’re in this together – it is affecting everyone. Schools and even football clubs may be laying on some help. Ask around. Check out your local council’s website. And, if you’re renting from the council or a housing association, society or charity, contact them right away to see if they can help.