Only just coping? Put Google to use

Lockdown has shown us how important it is to be able to get online. Growing our IT skills is a gift we can keep giving ourselves. LearnMyWay offers easy-to-follow online courses about, well, being online. As we’ve been able to follow a link to find this page, we’re well on the way to being able to watch videos… So why not make a video call? So why not make a video? So why not start up our own YouTube channel?

Quids in! has produced a guide to getting started with LearnMyWay. Being online should give us a head start to saving, experts reckon, around £800 a year. (And if we find work online, the cash benefit is even greater.) All the tricks on how to shave costs are built into the LearnMyWay courses, (and there’s loads on this website too, of course). So if you haven’t already, get stuck in and start exploring the internet properly. We can improve our skills for using all the world wide web has to offer AND get ourselves better off! What are we waiting for?

As a fast-track to some of those savings we can find online, try the Quids in! Future-Proof Finance Quiz. Answer a few simple questions about money habits and it will suggest steps to boost our bank balance. Some steps we can start today, for example, clicking through to online tools that help. Some require starting new habits over time. Some need working towards in future. It’s dead easy. If there’s too much to take in at the end – just pick out a couple of things to start with.