Someone I know has just been asked to leave a Wellbeing House today due to her health conditions and that she is in the high risk group. We don’t think she has any rights because it as short stay respite from sofa surfing. She has been asked to go back to family but they are all self isolating.

She needs to approach the housing team to make a homelessness application asap they will most likely have a duty of care.

If it is late in the day or at the end of the week, you can call the phone line to report a vulnerable person, and this will establish if she has a social worker.

Also – Shelter has a legal helpline that is open seven days a week, they will be able to confirm her legal rights and may be able to advise on what she should do on the day.
You can also look at

Her GP can refer to her council’s Housing team via the local council phone line. They will assess her for emergency accommodation through the local council; this consideration will be fast-tracked due to her health status.