The 3 Bs: The Quids in! Rule of Thumb for Avoiding the Pitfalls

The biggest pitfalls claimants tell us are around their Banking, Budgeting and Being online. Looking through the key issues above, we can see. That’s why Quids in! has arranged some help around these 3 Bs… or the three bees you’ll see hovering around this page. In a way, they want to bug you into action because nothing will sting you worse than not being prepared in advance of moving across to UC.

The three bees also star on our Guide to Universal Credit, a 32-page walk-through of the system – our landlord or local council may have free copies. Otherwise, copies are available to buy here.

As a rule of thumb, if we have the right bank account (Banking), if we’re sure more is coming in than going out – and what to do if it isn’t (Budgeting), and know where and how to use the internet (Being online), we’re likely to be fine.

Anyone on any the six benefits listed above should start putting these things in place now. Try not to become one of the large number of Universal Credit claimants who went into rent arrears. Many people tell us they’ve received a letter threatening eviction before they’ve even received their first payment.

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