We are on lockdown for 12 weeks. The odd food order that I manage to get Is lacking in fresh food. I am wondering what veg grows the quickest and is the most nutritious so I can supplement my diet?

You can grow ‘cut and come again’ salad leaves again in a matter of weeks. Even quicker and very nutritious is ‘sprouting’, for example, taking a bean and growing its shoots, eating it before it becomes a new plant. You can sprout beans, lentils and sprout alfalfa and broccoli seeds. Currently, you can buy the seeds online. You can grow these seeds in a bowl or a jar. For the jar method, all you need is a jar and some cloth to go over the top of the jar, soak the seeds for 12 hours and drain, then and rinse and drain few times a day until you have a jar of nutritious sprouts. Check youtube for videos for the method and this link for the benefits https://draxe.com/nutrition/alfalfa-sprouts/. If you grow any, please send us some photos of your harvest to help inspire others.