Are You Job Ready Quiz

Quids in! magazine and employment project Clean Slate have come together to give people looking for a new job the chance to swot up on what employers are looking for.

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How’s your game face?
You bump into a friend of a friend who you know runs an outfit you would love to work for. What do you say to yourself?

Think you got skills?
You are at an interview and the employer asks you about your strengths and weaknesses. How do you think you would respond?

Preparing for battle?
You see an ad in the paper for a job you're pretty confident about. Now what?

Skeletons in the closet?
There's something in your past that has either upset a previous employer or kept you out of work for a while. How do you plan to deal with it?

What’s the Plan, Stan?
You've decided to make the change. You know what you need to do over the next year and you've given a friend a month by month account of what that entails. Three months later they say: 'C'mon, be honest, how are you getting on? Honestly.'

Work-Life Balance?
How do you feel about the idea of having a job doing things you love, like hobbies, or working with people you love, like children, for example?

Tied Up in Red Tape?
You have found a vacancy you’re quite excited about but the application pack includes an equal opportunities form and a load of information about policy and procedure. How do you feel about it?

Having Your Cake and Eating It?
If you were offered help, here and now, to organise the training you need and plan your next steps towards your dream job, what would you say?

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