Gethin Jones

Gethin Jones

From issue 35, Summer 2017

Better known to Strictly fans and Blue Peter viewers of a certain age, the TV gent is now talking money.

Familiar face and TV charmer, Gethin Jones has started helping young people manage their money through a series of online shows. Alongside One Show reporter Angelica Bell, Gethin presents NatWest’s Money Bite programme to get the UK talking about money.

Gethin is the nice guy who wishes we’d all be a little more polite to each other and who set up a charity to support kids with autism and their parents, as he explains to Quids in!.

Money Bite looks at how people think about money. Why is it important to know how to manage our cash?
I was always taught the value of money. The line which is always popular with parents is, “It
doesn’t grow on trees”, so I was probably always a little scared of it, if I’m honest. With my parents’ generation when you ran out, that was it. This generation has overdrafts, which are dangerous because they allow you to live outside your means and it’s pretty impossible to catch up.

What did you notice about how young people treat money?
It was interesting to seehow this generation hardly ever physically go to a bank. Everything is done online orthrough apps. Their wallets are used for travel passes and ID cards! No cash!

Are you good with money?
I’m pretty good. I’ve been a good saver and invested carefully – in good people, rather than the business. So far, so good. I’m only extravagant on family and friends. I’m not a
big spender myself.

Quids in! believes we have to stay motivated to keep on top our finances but this applies to everything. As someone into sport and fitness, how do keep it up?
I’ve always thought that a healthy body leads to a healthy mind. But like anyone else, I have phases where I struggle a little with motivation. I try to “listen” to the body. Take a rest, try something different, do some yoga. I’ve definitely pushed my body further than I thought it could go. I believe you can do that with your mind too.

Can you tell us about Nai, your autism charity?
“Nai” is Welsh for “nephew”. My best friend and I both have autistic nephews. Together, using the expertise of our sisters, we thought we could help. And we are starting to! We have been fundraising, taking on different challenges. We’re now looking to set up courses to help parents (like our sisters needed), and supply local schools with iPads, balancing bikes, etc. I pay all of Nai’s expenses, so every penny goes where it needs to go.

If you had one wish that could change something about life in the UK, what would it be?
My goodness. Tough one. There are many issues to address but I think we could all start off by being a bit kinder all around. Let someone in when you’re driving, hold the door open, say good morning to someone on the tube or train. Simple things can go a long way.

What next for Gethin Jones?
Life is varied. The good and bad about the job is that you can never plan. The next few months involve rugby, dancing, and a ridiculous spartan challenge for Nai.

Click here to watch Money Bite