Easy Lasagne

Serves 6-8, Costs £4.80

Creamy, meaty and delicious now we’re cooking great food!

For our third recipe in the series we’re going to combine our previous two and make something magical, Lasagne! Almost everybody loves this rich, meaty dish with its unctuous sauce, it’s a real treat.


1. Make tomato sauce and white sauce. Turn your oven on to 200 degrees Celsius.
2. Heat a large frying pan on a high heat. Add the oil and then fry the minced beef until brown. Mix in the tomato sauce. Leave to cool.
3. Get a square ovenproof dish. Put a thin layer of white sauce on the bottom, then a layer of lasagne sheets on top. Then a layer of the beef and tomato, then lasagne sheets, white sauce, lasagne sheets, beef and tomato, lasagne and finish with white sauce on the top. Sprinkle cheese on top and bake in oven for 30 minutes.

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