Ask Anna: Money

Take a look at the questions we’ve been asked about money during the pandemic. Click the question to read Anna’s response.
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Since the Coronavirus, a lot of shops are refusing to accept cash. I don’t have a card – what can I do?
If you can’t get (or don’t want) a regular debit card, you could consider getting a prepaid card. There are sometimes fees with prepaid cards so make sure to do your research! To read more about prepaid cards, check out this article on uSwitch ( and see Money Saving Expert’s top prepaid card picks ( If you are thinking about getting a credit card have a read of our guide to the pros and cons.
I have no way to cover my debts. What am I going to do?

There is loads of free help out there for us if we are struggling with debt. First check out our website page which includes tips for getting back on track and who to contact for advice and help.

A good place to start is to call the National Debtline or charity StepChange. The government also has a scheme to help people in debt – it’s called Breathing Space. For details and how to apply, read our article here.

Top Tip: No matter how bad things seem, do not be tempted to borrow money from an unlicensed lender, even if it is someone you know.

I borrowed money off someone. I know them vaguely but they said they could do me a favour if I paid it back in a couple of weeks with a little extra on top. I’m not sure now. Have I done the wrong thing?

It sounds like this person is a loan shark – or in other words an unlicensed money lender.

Before things get worse you need to contact the Illegal Money Lending team on 0300 555 2222 or email

They also have an online webchat here: If you live in Wales, Scotland or NI, the contact details can be found here.

I’m having trouble paying my TV license – what should I do?

If you can’t get out to make a TV license payment at PayPoint, you can pay using your debit or credit card, or over the phone.

If you are struggling to pay it becasue your income has dropped, contact the TV License service directly, and they will try to help. All of their information can be found here: