Universal Credit – From the Ground Up (FAQs)

Welcome to this new section of our website. Following success of the Quids In Guide to Universal Credit, we are working with advisers in areas that already have the Full UC Service to share details on what happens on the ground for claimants and how best to support them.

Universal Credit will affect up to 9 million people across the UK by the time it is fully rolled out. Its impact will be huge. The system is being tested live and improved as problems arise, case by case. Forums are working with the DWP to speed up the changes needed but this section explores what is happening to claimants, what support they need and what claimants and advisers need to know?

We have created this Wiki-style section so all stakeholders on the ground – landlords, authorities, advisers and claimants – can post questions, responses and information on UC as it comes to light. Content is moderated and, where possible, sources are cited.

Treat these as Frequently Asked Questions pages that will grow as concerns are raised. They may not be comprehensive but if you have a question, ask it. If you have an answer (or a different answer) post it.

  • For advisers: Slightly more technical, more detail than most claimants might need
  • For claimants: Plain English, some detail beyond what is usually on offer on general
  • Local pages: Information on support in your area and issues that may vary by location
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