Quids in 41 Cover

Quids in! 41 Out Now!

Quids in! 41 is a special issue marking our 10th birthday!

We take a look at 10 years of fighting our readers corner and include some of the amazing money advice we’ve received from the many celebrity we’ve spoken to over the last decade.

In this new issue we launch our new Future-Proof Your Finances Test, deigned to make sure you can weather any financial storms that may com your way. You can also take the test online here.

We also feature news that loan sharks are attending debt advice sessions to exploit those in need, the worries the Universal Credit is aiding abuse through it’s single household payments and we have a brand new reader question answered by our agony aunt Penny!

Ask you landlord or money advice centre for a free copy or check the Quids in! Store where the magazine will be available shortly.

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