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Older, wiser and reaping rewards

Many benefits remain unclaimed and over one million pensioners are losing out on pension credits. The best place to start is with a benefits checker, which will tell you if you’re getting all you could be.

How can I check I’m getting the right pension, benefits and credits?

Different departments deal with different types of benefit:

  • If you want to check you’re getting the pension you’re due, call the Pensions Service on 0800 9912340
  • Council Tax and Housing Benefit is dealt with by your local council, so check with them about whether or not you are eligible for help
  • People with disabilities or carers should contact the Benefit Enquiry Line on 0800 882200
  • You might be entitled to Carers Allowance if you look after someone else. Check with Carers UK and contact the Benefit Enquiry line on 0800 882200 to find out more.

Other help

There is often lots of help available to older people that seems to be a bit of a secret. Here are a few ideas for starters and let us know what else you find out about and we’ll share it with others:

And while we’re here…

Although this page is about income, it’s worth taking a moment to remind you that older people are sometimes targeted by people wanting to take advantage. Please always be aware of people calling at your door selling you something. Remember, never buy on your doorstep. You could be letter a rogue trader, a cowboy or a thief into your home. Always check out their website and/or get references from people you’re sure are not part of their operation.

Check out:

To check what you may be entitled to, visit www.turn2us.org.uk and take a look at their Benefits Checker.

  • Pensions Advice
  • Sick, disabled or a carer
  • Other Help

Age UK

Carers UK