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Cover of Quids in! showing Jay Blades

Quids in! magazine launched in 2008 to help people on low incomes find ways to make their money go further.

We provide content that people will enjoy reading and advice for those who are struggling with their finances, or have been targeted by loan sharks, high interest lenders and rogue traders.

Since Quids in! began the world has changed. Poorer paid employment, cuts to benefits and rising prices add to the pressure on households struggling to keep their heads above water. More recently, people not used to turning to the state for support are now doing so. First the global financial crash and the ‘austerity’ that followed, Coronavirus has meant we really are ‘in it together’.

Unlike other magazines and websites, Quids in! is here for people who don’t have savings to fall back on or investments to worry about. It’s for real people: those feeling the squeeze and just about managing, and others who might be just one pay cheque or benefit payment away from disaster.

Our Approach

Our glossy magazine mixes celeb interviews with easy-to-follow news and advice about money matters. Recently we added a monthly money email service, the Quids In Readers Club, keeping readers up-to-date.


Quids in! is published by Clean Slate Training & Employment, a not-for-profit social enterprise. It creates and supports paid work for people facing barriers to jobs, helps them manage their money better and shows them where to find help and savings using the internet. Quids in! also produces other publications, such as a guide to Universal Credit, a New Tenants Guide and homelessness guides. Both were founded by Jeff Mitchell, a former Managing Director of The Big Issue, hoping to help create a fairer world.

As well as our publications, Clean Slate runs Quids In Centres that work locally to help people take control of their budget and grow their income. Click here for more on the work Clean Slate does around the UK.

The Quids in! Team

Managing Director: Jeff Mitchell

Head of Business Development: Lisa Woodman

Design: Joe Burt