Jordon Cox


Jordon Cox AKA The Coupon Kid came to fame when he saved himself money on a journey from Sheffield to Essex by flying via Berlin!

We asked him to give us his Top 5 Tips for coupons and supermarkets. Here’s what he had to say:

  1. There are so many coupons online. has a full list and it is so easy. A few clicks of a button and you will have cash pouring out of your printer.
  2. When you are next in the supermarket, look out for their free in-store magazines as a few of them have coupons every month.
  3. If you really like a brand, let them know. They always love hearing from customers and might send you a coupon in the post.
  4. Download supermarket cashback apps on your phone suck as CheckoutSmart. You can claim cashback on your supermarket shopping – a no brainer!
  5. Try the downshifting challenge. A lot of the time the value brands are made by the same company or factory , so the only difference is the price. Don’t be scared to to give them a try.

For Jordon’s latest tips follow him on twitter @Jordon_Cox or check out his blog at Money Saving Expert.