Home insurance comparison sites

Insure to be Sure

Home contents insurance need not be as costly as we might imagine. We just need to know where to look and what to ask. If we don’t, we might live to regret it

It is not always obvious where to look but finding good insurance that’s not too expensive just means following a few simple steps. Here is the Quids in! guide to finding what we need.

Comparison sites

First up, start by visiting one or two of the following comparison sites for insurance:

In seconds they share your request with a number of insurers’ and brokers’ websites to find the cheapest quotes. Always use more than one site as prices vary and you want to make the biggest saving.

Some insurance providers don’t feature on comparison sites. Aviva, Direct Line and Zurich are three that don’t, so it’s always good to check their prices directly on their website.

Be specific and save

Home contents insurance is very specific to your circumstances. A quote is personalised to take in every detail, from your postcode to having working smoke alarms. There are some ways of bringing down the cost of home insurance. Make sure to cut out all of the cover you don’t need, but be sure your quote pays for everything you would need to replace.

If you think a claim is unlikely, you can bring down the cost by agreeing to cover the first couple of hundred pounds (the ‘excess’) yourself. On top of this, some deals offer cashback and other incentives, such as vouchers, when you sign up.

Check out MoneySavingExpert for it’s guide on cheap home insurance.

If you are an individual (or couple) renting a room in a house-share or flat-share
If you’re opting for room-only insurance, there a few key extra conditions you need to remember:

  • To be covered against theft, you need to make sure you have a lock on the door to your room. Also, make sure the door is locked when you are not at home. No sign of forced entry is likely to have your claim declined.
  • If your belongings are in the communal areas, again, do not expect these to be covered unless there is forced entry into the home.

Never auto-renew

Most home insurance policies last a year before they come up for renewal. It’s very important to shop around before renewing your policy. Insurance providers change their deals all the time, but often don’t advertise the cheapest offers to existing customers. It seems outrageous but loyal customers are often penalised, not rewarded.

If you go back to the comparison sites it’s likely you’ll get a cheaper deal than if you renew your policy.


If you are struggling to pay for your home insurance because of coronavirus, contact your insurer. Most insurance companies are offering payment holidays (or deferrals) of up to three months.

There are other things you can do to make your policy cheaper, if you’re struggling to keep up payment. Remove any add-ons or travel insurance, (if this is included), for example. You could also look for a cheaper deal, but there may be fees associated with switching, so don’t cancel your direct debit before speaking to your insurer. Check out MoneySavingExpert’s guide for more information on coronavirus and home insurance.

Further info

Check out the Citizens Advice guide to home contents insurance.