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Save Ourselves

Here at Quids in! We’re not looking to be killjoys, far from it, but we do recognise that there are some things we all do that may not be quite as good for us as they might be, however much fun they are.

As it’s lent, we’ve taken a look at some of the things we could all cut down on and calculated just how much we could save..

BOOZE – SAVE £250+
Surveys suggest that the average adult in the UK drinks about 21 units of alcohol every week. That’s the equivalent of 15 bottles of beer. Assuming we get most of that from the supermarket and the odd pint from the pub, we’re still looking at a tenner a week gone, literally, down the pan. Cut that drinking in half and you’d save £260 per year.

FAGS – SAVE £500+
No half measures with the fags, they ought to go and we know it. Even light smokers get through a tenner a week with no problem, that’s just a single pack of 20 readymades, or maybe twice that many rollies. For a bit of extra incentive, imagine what you could do with £520.

The fixed odds betting machines in the bookies are not there to give you money. Last year they took a record £1.7bn from punters and every year it goes up. You only have to punt £20 a week on one of these before you’ve spent £1,000 in a year, surely there are better things to do with that money.

If you feel like your drinking or gambling is out of control, or if you just want some help to give up smoking, worry not – help is at hand.

Gamblers Anonymous or GamCare can help. If you’re in the family of a compulsive gambler you’ll find very helpful too.

See your GP or ring Drinkline on 0300123 1110 if you’re worried about your drinking. If you know you have a problem try Alcoholics Anonymous on 0845 769 7555.

Your GP can help with giving up smoking and you can also get information on other free local services by visiting

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