The benefits system can be confusing. Luckily there are free online calculators to work out how much we should be getting.

We’ll need to answer information about our living situation and employment to get an accurate figure.

If we live with someone else, we’ll also need to answer questions about them. This is because how much we’re entitled to depends on our total household income and how much we have in savings.

Universal Credit (and other benefits)

Try one of these calculators (they’re simple and easy to use):

For more on Universal Credit – including the tricks claimants wish they’d known – and how to apply, read our guide.

Benefit Cap 
This is the limit on the total amount of benefit you can get. The DWP has a handy calculator to see if you will be affected or not.

Tax and income calculator
Type in your annual income below to find out how much tax and NI you’ll pay in a chosen tax year.

Quids in! Bedroom Tax Calculator

Affected by the Bedroom Tax? Use our simple calculator to see what you will lose. Click here.

Other grants
To find out if you are eligible for any free grants in your area check the Turn2Us finder tool. You’ll need to enter your postcode, gender, and age.