There are lots of great tools on the web to help you work out your finances, the impact of welfare reform and your benefit entitlement. We’re gathering them together on this page in one easy space to let you access them all.

Universal Credit Calculator
Estimate how you will be affected when Universal Credit finally reaches you. Click here.

Benefit Cap Calculator
The DWP’s calculator to see if you will be affected by the Benefit Cap. Click here.

Benefits Calculator
Entitledto have a calculator to help you find out what benefits you’re able to claim. Click here.

Cycle To Work Calculator
Excellent little calculator to show you the cost savings of cycling to work. We saved £1,000 per year swapping the bus for a bike! Click here.

Car Tax Calculator
Great free calculator to find out how much road tax you have to pay. This is a simple to use car tax calculator to help with UK road tax or VED fees. Click here.

Tax and income calculator
Type in your annual income here and it’ll break it up into months and weeks for you and tell you how much PAYE and NI you’ll pay.

Quids in! Bedroom Tax Calculator
Affected by the Bedroom Tax? Use our simple calculator to see what you will lose. Click here.