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Job Hunting

Thinking of a new job? Here are the Top Tips from the experts

Whether you’re out of work or thinking about finding a better paid job, it takes a lot of confidence to put yourself out there and our friends at Clean Slate have some Top Tips:

    At Clean Slate we believe the best place to start can be with two simple questions:

What do you like doing? And what are you good at?

It sounds far-fetched but setting goals for your ideal job can really help.

    Once you know what work you want to go for your job search activity should reflect that whenever possible. Your CV should spell out how you’re the right person for the work you’re after. Use the same information in application forms, cover letters and at interview.
    One woman came to Clean Slate saying she had nothing to offer because she had been raising a family for 20 years.
    “Are you kidding?” we said.
    She created a CV that spelt out her supporting, caring, leadership and communications skills.
    She said: “I’d love to use those skills helping older people.” Then she applied to dozens of residential homes to become a carer.
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    Unemployed jobseekers don’t need a CV that just lists their past. Employers look for gaps and assume the worst. What matters is how much you have to offer. Your CV is your advert. It should say what you want to achieve and everything you have to offer.
    Employers fear recruiting someone who turns out to be unreliable, has a bad attitude or doesn’t have the skills they say they have.
    Do everything to put their mind at rest.
    Many people approach interviews as a battle, but if you show you have what they’re looking for, you and the employer will be on the same side. Thinking this way can boost your confidence.
    Take a look at Jobcentre Work Coach Tee answering jobseekers’ questions:


Clean Slate is a social enterprise that specialises in supporting long-term unemployed people back into work. See www.cleanslateltd.co.uk