Is My Money On Top Of Me Quiz


Quids in! and the Open University joined forces in 2017 to help readers think about small changes to help shape a better financial future. Responses to this quiz helped the OU develop research into whether money advice guides work.

The research has now closed but you can still take our 9-question money quiz to find out how you're doing financially.

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Which of the following best describes your views on money?

1 out of 9

How do you feel about how you manage your money?

2 out of 9

How do you feel about putting away savings?

3 out of 9

What’s your biggest financial worry?

4 out of 9

If you use a credit card, which statement best describes how you repay it?

5 out of 9

Do you save money?

6 out of 9

Imagine your car is essential to you – you need it to get to work or do the weekly shop – but it breaks down and the garage says it’ll cost £650 to fix it. What would you do?

7 out of 9

Your gas and electric company suddenly realises they’ve been overcharging you and refunds you £400. What would you do with the money?

8 out of 9

How do you plan your spending?

9 out of 9

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