Benefits Calculator

Benefits Calculator

Benefits can be great for helping us to make ends meet, start a rainy day fund and save for the future. But we have to know what we’re entitled to, otherwise how will we know if we’re missing out?

This benefits calculator gives us a free guide to all the benefits and grants we may be able to claim. It also helps us understand how to apply.

Our circumstances are the main driver of the benefits we can get. If we’re vulnerable, for example a single parent or disabled, we’re entitled to a bit more. That’s why the calculator asks about things like our income and who we live with.

There are almost eight million households in the UK that are missing out on means-tested benefits – we need to make sure we’re not one of them! Missing out often means losing associated benefits too – for example, some extra benefits become available when we qualify for things like Universal Credit.

If you have any questions about your results, you may be able to get free support from Clean Slate. Find out if there is help available in your area by clicking here.