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£150 council tax rebate – how does it work?

As we get ready for energy bill hikes from April, there’s a £150 council tax rebate on the way

If we’re in a Band A-D home we’ll get a £150 council tax rebate, assuming we live in England, Scotland or Wales. In Northern Ireland there’s a pot of cash but we don’t know yet how it’s being given out.

The rebate is meant to take the pressure off us as the cost of living soars. Energy bills alone are going up by 54 per cent in April as the price cap rises.

It’s a one-off payment, and we won’t have to pay it back.

We don’t have to apply for the rebate, as our council will know if we’re eligible.

If we pay our council tax by Direct Debit, the £150 will be paid straight into our bank account.

But if we don’t pay by Direct Debit, our council should be in touch to ask for our bank details.

This rebate comes as council tax across the country is going up, however.

Most households fall into Bands A-D. But if we don’t, and we’re on a low income, there may still be help.

There is a separate pot of cash for councils to choose how to spend. If we might slip through the net we should speak to our council about getting some of this cash.

We can check which band our home falls into here.

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