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Trick or Get Tricked

They’re all at it. Shops, cinemas, restaurants… Offering deals to the few, paid for by the many.

It’s annoying but most deals are online but easy to find, even on a smartphone. Sitting down to a bite to eat in town? Type in the name of the restaurant and ‘voucher’ and see what comes up. No burger is worth £14, (Byron Burger), but if we can bag a two-for-one offer, it’s not so bad.

Many favour Primark over Gap when it comes to price. But the Gap+ App offers daily discounts and the heads up on promotions that sometimes means rock bottom bargains.

Then there are the legal loopholes. Money blogger SkintDad exposed a way to get half price cinema tickets and dinners out. By taking one day’s travel insurance for just £1.05 on, he was able to sign up for Meerkat Movies and Meals. Simples.

It feels wrong but remember, you can’t scam a scammer. Even a legal one.

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