Future Proof Finance Quiz

What you might like to know

  1. QUICK
    The Quiz takes about 10 minutes. It asks Yes/No questions and we don’t want personal financial details
  2. EASY
    You’ll receive a list of simple steps to take and links to further help. Eight out of ten people said they found the Quiz easy to use
  3. SAFE
    Your answers are completely secure. We ask for an email address to send you your next steps and a news email with ideas for boosting your cash
  4. TRUST
    Quids in!
    is the money skills programme from Clean Slate Training & Employment, a not-for-profit enterprise helping people reach their potential. We are partners on Nobody in the Dark, a campaign to ensure everyone can become better off by being online. (More here)
  5. FOMO
    Many who take the Quiz became hundreds of pounds better off. The Future-Proof Finance Quiz is for anyone with a Fear Of Missing Out (FOMO).