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Tenants Rights

It’s helpful to know your rights as a tenant – both for you and your landlord. Once you know what’s what, it’s easier to sort out issues should anything crop up during your rental.

A great place to start is the Citizens Advice site. On this page you can check the law for your country and for the year in which your tenancy began. You can find information about rent increases and repair duties plus advice on how to bring up complaints.

If you are falling behind with rent or suffering complications with your rental, Shelter’s website information on evictions as well as details on subletting and lodgers.

Interested in buying your home? The government’s website has information on Right to Acquire and Right to Buy, it also has details on your rights if you’re under 18.

Last but by no means least, website The Tenant’s Voice has stacks of information not only on rights but downloadable guides.

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