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Running Your Home on a Budget

Making your house look good and saving money at the same time it isn’t as hard as it seems. Quids in! offers some expert advice on how to run your home for less and get great results.

  1. Save Money, Buy Used
    Replacing things like your washing machine can be costly, but not if you don’t buy new. You can pick up a barely used washing machine for as little as £55 from places such as Ebay. Also keep an eye on sites like Freecycle and Curry’s clearance page.
  2. Why Not Do It Yourself? It’s Easy!
    If you want to make your home look glam but don’t have the cash to do much, then just adding a few little touches can make all the difference. Re-using clear glass jars for candles or as toothbrush holders is a nice touch, while old posters found at car boot sales can be put in inexpensive frames and used as pictures – the same goes for old scraps of colourful wallpaper. Disused fabrics can be cut up and sewn into cushion covers or even used as throws to dress up an old sofa. Collecting shells or stones and placing them in dishes can make a nice centrepiece for a table.
  3. Don’t Spend. Be Smart and Swap Instead!
    If you have friends and neighbours who want to get a new look and decorate their home, why not try swapping items. You could set up a car boot sale where instead of paying for things you swap stuff with other people – great idea!
  4. Head for the High Street
    Charity shops can be your new best friend! You can find everything from furniture to fabrics, bedding, cushions and crockery. Take time to have a good trawl through and you can save loads of money. Car boot sales are also great for bargains.
  5. Cheap and Cheerful Furniture
    Why buy brand new furniture for twice the price when schemes such as the Furniture Reuse Network exist. They have members all over the country who sell cheap second-hand stuff that’s in good shape. Also check the house clearance section of Gumtree, we found a double bed for £65!
  6. Grow Your Own Fruit and Veg
    Growing your own vegetables is not only better for you, but it’s easy to do and gives you tastier grub! You don’t need a garden as lots of veggies can be grown in pots or grow bags. Seeds can be bought for under a quid, and you only need an old potato to grow a potato – just half plant them in soil and wait until the shoots start to grow!

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