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Neighbours Need

“My elderly, disabled neighbour lives alone but people call at the house at all times of the day. I took post round for him and noticed he didn’t have the heating on and had a horrible bruise on his arm. He said he had tripped. Sometimes I hear shouting and I am concerned these visitors are taking money from him. Should I do something?”
Mrs G Ogden, Lancs

Penny says: I think this is neighbourly concern, Mrs Ogden. Sadly, abuse is all too common. It can be complicated. The victim can be afraid of violence or just losing a friend and becoming lonely. You could call your local social services adult safeguarding team and alert them on your local council number. Action on Elder Abuse Helpline may be able to help on 080 8808 8141. Or try National Domestic Violence Helpline on 0808 2000 247.

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