Tinned and dried food at a foodbank

I’ve Had to Use a Foodbank – and I Feel Ashamed

“I don’t get it. I’ve been out of work before but this time I went on Universal Credit. I get my first payment, pay my rent, but then don’t have enough money to cover even basic bills for a whole month, and I’m having to pay so much Council Tax. I had to use the foodbank. I felt so ashamed.”
Mr Boracik, Runcorn

Penny says: Dear Mr Boracik,
I talk to tenants a lot. Sometimes they don’t get told that when claiming UC you still have to
claim help with your Council Tax. That could be why you are not managing. Council Tax Support (or Reduction) is one of the most under-claimed benefits out there. On the old system, it was claimed at the same time as Housing Benefit, so lots of people forget. Many councils ask you to apply online, you can also phone or visit their offices.

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