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Wheel Cost of Insurance

Cyclists urged to take cover

A new comparison service helps cyclists insure against third party claims for accidents, in addition to bike loss or damage. It follows a number of recent court rulings including one that ordered a cyclist to pay almost £105,000 to a pedestrian he knocked unconscious. introduced the service to help cyclists cover against theft but also legal fees and compensation claims. Founder Greg Wilson explained: “Cyclists do run the risk of suffering a third-party liability claim at some stage, which they would have to cover themselves if they were uninsured.”

In June, Robert Hazeldean was reported to have been forced to pay £4,162 plus an estimated £100,000 in court costs. Emma Brushnett was hit by the cyclist in 2015 while crossing the road looking at her phone. He claims he now faces bankruptcy.

Not having insurance can often prove to be a false economy, not only for cyclists. One in four householders fail to cover their home contents, which can cost an average £35,000 to replace. The least well-protected homes are in London with almost half (45%) not
covered and North East England with one in three (32%). Water damage, including weather-related problems, causes the most claims.

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