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Finding Work During Lockdown

“I’ve lost my job and need to find work fast. Are there any jobs available during the lockdown or has everything dried up? Am I even allowed to work at the moment?”

Provided we are not from an ‘at risk’ group, (with under-lying health conditions), working for an employer that is allowed to stay open is fine. It should be safe because employers will ensure social distancing and good hygiene procedures are in place.

In fact, farmers, supermarkets, warehouses and distribution firms are desperate for staff right now. We can even work for them if we’ve been furloughed on a job retention scheme with our normal employer.

For people wanting exercise and fresh air, fruit and veg picking could be a godsend. For drivers who are sick of being cooped up at home, deliveries could be the release they’ve been praying for. It’s not always easy living on top of each other at home, so work could be good for body and mind right now. And it will keep the shelves stocked and our neighbours fed too.

There are loads of jobs that are available to start now on the My World of Work website.

Click on the ‘Search Job Hub’ button and have a browse to see what is out there. You can refine the search results to the area you live in, or whether you’re after full-time or part-time work. Supermarkets often advertise job vacancies on their own sites, so it’s worth having a look there, too.

For any of us that have found it hard to find work in the past, maybe through a lack of experience or long periods of unemployment, now could be a great time to get back into work. Due to the fast moving situation, many employers are making the process of applying for a job super-easy.

So, as long as we’re healthy and our potential employer is ensuring social distancing and proper hygiene, a new job could be a real positive that comes out of the current situation. If someone else at home is shielding, however, give it careful consideration first.

For more info about employment during the coronavirus crisis, have a look at the list of questions and answers on Corona-Finance section of the Quids in! magazine website here.

If you have a question that you can’t find the answer to on our site, you can ask us yourself by using the Corona-Finance Enquiry Form online.

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