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Is Flexible Working Here To Stay? It Is For Now

Many companies who had previously shunned working from home are now realising it’s possible to do so, and well

One upside of the pandemic is that employers are having to offer us more flexible working. For those of us who were unable to travel to work, or be away from home, this could now be a green light.

Two-thirds of employers are planning on offering flexible working to their employees following the pandemic. That’s according to a survey of 250 companies, by the UK jobs board, CV-Library.

The survey found that almost 75 per cent of employers plan on telling us that flexible or remote working is available, in their job adverts. Many employers also said they will mention flexible working when offering us a job, on their career website and on their social media networks.

This is good news for those of us who thought that a particular job or industry wasn’t an option to us because of our personal situation or commitments.

Parents with young children can now work around childcare. If we are disabled, being able to work from the comfort of our homes is a big plus. If we are older or a carer, working from home could also help us out. Similarly those of us struggling with stress or mental health might benefit from not going into a busy office everyday.

Location can be a dealbreaker for many jobseekers. If this is removed, the pool of jobs open to us suddenly gets a lot wider. There are lots of financial benefits, too. No longer needing to pay for public transport or petrol to get to work can save us hundreds of pounds.

It’s also worth remembering that laws exist (called Equal Opportunities) to protect us from being rejected by employers. There are nine things an employer cannot use against us: Race or faith, sex (gender), being gay or straight, or trans, being married or a parent, being disabled, or our age. All that matters is we’re the best fit for the job.

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