Quids in! Autumn 2021

Quids in! readers share their stories of hope

Special issue focuses on people who’ve turned their finances around

This autumn’s issue of Quids in! is a first – it’s a collection of our readers’ stories of how they’re getting their lives back on track after financial troubles.

We believe there should be no shame in speaking about being short of cash or worrying about work. Sharing stories helps others in the same situation.

From hopeless to helper

For the special ‘Hope’ issue, readers Rachel, David, Ellimay, Jackie and Hasina explained how things like budgeting, getting online and knowing where to find a bargain had left them with more cash in their pockets.

David, for example, told us how hopeless he felt after losing his income after his car was written off when someone crashed into it.

But after a lot of hard work he’s now in a job where he can help others with things like finding good money support and becoming confident enough to get a new job or tackle debts.

Help to get online

And Rachel spoke about rebuilding her life after escaping an abusive relationship and living in a hostel.

She wanted to get into work to have more cash for her family and to have something she could feel proud of too. So she got help with her online skills, bagged herself two part-time jobs and now would like to become a manager, boosting her income even more.

Fellow reader Ellimay says it’s important to have an outlet for any money stresses – for her it’s keeping animals and growing veg.

“If you feel you’ve lost your place a bit, I think you need to get out and create another life or follow another dream,” she told us.

You can do this!

Like the others who shared their stories, Ellimay said she’s not yet out the other side but is working her way to a better financial future.

The message from all our readers was “You can do this!

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