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Benefits rising as cost of living increases

Government benefits are rising in April as the cost of living increases.

And the minimum wage is also being raised from £8.91 to £9.50 an hour from 6 April if we’re 23 or over.

The benefits, including Universal Credit, will go up by 3.1 per cent from 11 April.

Benefits rising might help us face the cost of living crisis. But while payments are going up in April, so are lots of expenses.

Gas and electricity bills will rise as the new energy price cap kicks in.

The rise in energy costs will easily outstrip any benefit boost we’ll get. So it’s important we check we’re getting all the help we’re entitled to.

And for those of us in work, National Insurance rates will go up and we’ll have less in our pay packet. And many of us will have to pay higher council tax rates from April.

If we’re on a low income or claim benefits we should see if we’re eligible for a council tax reduction. Our bill can be reduced or even cut entirely.

Because of these rising costs we need to keep a tight hold on our money.

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