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8 smart meter myths BUSTED!

There might be lots of reasons why we think a smart meter’s not for us – but let’s talk through some common myths

  1. THEY’RE SPYING ON ME! The only people who can see our information is us and our energy supplier. And the supplier only sees how much energy we’re using – not how we’re using it. No one is snooping on our emails or checking when we’re out of the house!

    2. I WON’T BE ABLE TO WORK IT! The person installing the meter will show us how to use the in-home display.

    3. IT’LL END UP COSTING ME MORE There’s no extra cost for getting a smart meter in our homes, and once it’s in place the big difference is that we can see what we’re using in pounds and pence and we’re back in control.

    4. I NEED TO HAVE THE INTERNET TO HAVE A SMART METER Nope. A smart meter can send our data to the supplier securely, even if we don’t have an internet connection in our home.

5. I’M A RENTER, MY LANDLORD WON’T LIKE IT There’s a chance this could be the case, but really, what’s not to like? We’ll feel more in control of our finances if we know what our energy bills are going to be. That means we’ll be less likely to fall into rent arrears.

6. I’M OLD/DISABLED/ VISUALLY IMPAIRED – A SMART METER’S NOT FOR ME Many smart meters come with bigger buttons or can read information out loud. This is called an accessible in-home display, and we can ask our energy supplier about getting one.

7. I CAN’T SWITCH SUPPLIERS The latest smart meters let us switch without interrupting our supply. Obviously switching right now isn’t always offering the gains it used to. But once the energy crisis eases it might become a useful tool again.

8. IT’S JUST ANOTHER APPLIANCE IN MY HOME! Well, yes. But the energy that the in-home display uses is minimal and the information it gives us can really help to put us back in control.

Smart meters can help us save energy but it’s not automatic. We can use the in-home display to work out how to save energy around the home. Some homes can’t get a smart meter yet. Our energy supplier can tell us if we can have one and how soon it can be installed.

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