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Universal Credit working hours rule set to change

We may have to work more hours or meet our work coach, if new rules come into force

Those of us who claim Universal Credit may have to work more hours or meet our work coach under new plans.

At the moment, if we work nine hours or more we don’t have to attend Jobcentre meetings to try to find work.

But this is set to rise to 12 hours. There’s no date for the change yet but the government has said it’s likely to come into force soon.

Universal Credit payments to rise

Another change is on the horizon for UC claimants.

Inflation is now more than nine per cent and UC payments could also rise by this amount. The higher rate will kick in for claimants in April 2023.

The government has to review the rate we’re paid every year. This year’s review will happen in November.

Benefits can rise in line with wages or inflation. In July, wages had risen year on year by 6.2 per cent, a bit lower than the 9.4 per cent inflation rate.

Other benefits that could rise

It’s not just those of us on UC who could see the rise. Housing benefit, ESA and PIP are also linked to inflation.

If a big rise is confirmed in November, it could really help many of us get through the cost-of-living crisis. 

But as we won’t see the extra cash until spring, it’s a good idea to make sure we’re claiming everything we’re entitled to now. There’s a handy benefits calculator on the Quids in! website.

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